Natural Remedy for Toothache 1

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Natural Home Remedies

Natural Remedy for Toothache 1

How to Relieve a Simple Toothache without an Expensive Trip to the Dentist

Natural Remedy for Toothache 1


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Did you know that your kitchen sink and pantry can hold the key to your toothache pain relief?

In fact everything you need can be found right under your own roof. No expensive over the counter pills and potions that leave you with nasty, drowsy side effects.

First of all the pain you’re experiencing is the nerve that’s been compromised. The lattice of minerals that form your teeth are a fortress of strength. They are the toughest bones in the body because they are designed to be exposed to the elements that you throw at them. They are subjected to wearing and grinding as well as acids that are secreted from the bacteria on your teeth.
Because your tooth has been eroded and is now compromised because of its weakness from tooth decay it exhibits as the pain you’re now experiencing.

Other reasons for a toothache could be due to:

Wearing down of the teeth through a condition called Bruxius, most don’t know they have this because they are usually asleep during the time this takes place. This is the grinding of teeth which gradually wears the teeth down over time, weakening the protective enamel layer.

Impacted wisdom teeth which is the inability of the wisdom teeth to either partially break through the surface of the gum or not at all. This pent up tension causes pain in the back of the jaw.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, this arises from the Temporomandibular Joint wearing down to the point that its movement causes friction resulting in pain. The Temporomandibular joint is responsible for the movement between the upper and the lower jaws. Wearing of this joint makes it difficult to speak, eat or yawn without inflicting pain. It is situated near the back of the jaw and it hinges between upper and lower jaws.

To feel this joint in action, insert your index finger into your ear canal then open and close your mouth. The movement you experience is your Temporomandibular joint.

Infection due to Gingivitis. Gingivitis which is the disease of the gums can turn into periodontal disease which eventually leads to tooth loss. Gingivitis can be painful and exhibits as swollen red, inflamed gums. This is due to food particles not being properly cleaned from the gum line. Left untreated can turn into abscess causing infection.

The most obvious scenario for tooth pain is cavity and this caused by erosion of the teeth or by blunt trauma caused by accident or by a chipped or cracked tooth.

You can treat your toothache naturally with ingredients you have around your home. No need to buy expensive over the counter medicines when you can easily grab a cucumber, a clove of garlic or even a tea bag from your cupboard.

Tea bag is a mild astringent with antibacterial properties it also offers relief directly to the site of pain.

Directions: Place a standard teabag into a cup of water, place in the microwave for 1 minute. Remove the teabag while still warm and place on the sore tooth. Bite down gently and hold in place for 20 minutes or until you get pain relief.

Substituting green tea instead of regular tea works as equally well.

This should relieve pain within 20 to 30 minutes.


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