Your Misplaced Faith Will Stunt the Growth of Your Soul…All the Days of Your Life…

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April 3, 2015 by Thought Controller

Your Misplaced Faith Will Stunt the Growth of Your Soul…All the Days of Your Life…

But Here is the “Real Kicker…” Will You Ever Once Realize that You “Misplaced Your Faith” and “Stunted” the Growth of Your Soul…Before Your Transition from Your Mortal Form…?


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Your Misplaced Faith Will Stunt the Growth 1

Learning to let go of old and inferior habit-reaction patterns is the most difficult challenge the human individual faces, during the whole of the material experience. Perhaps the majority of individuals living on this planet, during any generation, never learn to “let go.” All each one of us has to do is to look in the mirror of total honesty, sincerity and fearlessness to see the truth of our own attachments, which ever stood and continue to stand in the way of our own soul growth. The soul never has a chance to reach maturity and…emergence… because of persistent ego-resistance.

The “Animal Inertia” of Ego-Assertion…

As I watch so many of you continue to put your faith in written texts, sacred books, sayings of well known men and women, leaders, gurus, scientists, philosophers, pastors, priests, imams and world leaders, I assert once more that I have no faith in anything but my living connection and life-giving eternal relationship to my Paradise Father’s will and His indwelling divine spirit fragment.

At this time in our collective experience, almost the whole of human civilization is “collectively lost” in ideological confusion.

Are you “misplacing your faith” in everything, but the one thing you must, to stop stunting the growth of your soul?

The indwelling divine spirit—the Thought Adjuster—is ever trying to communicate with each of us, individually. But how can this divine spirit ever hope to break through the “animal inertia” of the ego’s assertion of intellectual and moral superiority over the person closest to you, who thinks and believes differently than you do?

Do you insist on “being right” with every word that takes origin in the ego-driven intellect and utters out through your lips?

Are you unwilling to let go of everything taking origin in your intellect—every attachment to that which is of intellectual origin in your mind?

Your Misplaced Faith Will Stunt the Growth 2

The richness of the human journey is here. Listen. Pass it on. So that there will not pass from our future the enchantment that begins with the words, Once upon a time, long ago and far away, in a deep forest, there lived a child – much like you.

Once Upon a Time…Long Ago…and Far, Far Away…


Once upon a time…long ago…and far away…in a deep forest…there lived a child like me… The child allowed, in his immaturity, a group of individuals to take over his thinking…

He sacrificed everything that, at the time, he thought to have had importance, meaning and value, in order to help a loved one.

Both the loved one and the experience taught him the meaning of “false values” and “misplaced faith,” faith in others, faith in sacred texts, faith in a spiritual leader, without understanding how such “false values” and “misplaced faith” can actually destroy the very thing, such an experience is supposed to establish, nourish, heighten and grow—the living connection to the indwelling divine spirit.

Over the many decades of his life, since that experience as a young man of 16, he escaped from a deep state of paralyzing hypnosis, and at the hands of the self-deceived, emerging with a far greater level of awareness of never falling for such deceptions, ever again, throughout the course of his mortal experiences.

Your Misplaced Faith Will Stunt the Growth 3

A Funny Thing about…Attachments…

My life has not been a…normal one…juxtaposed against the lives I observe everywhere around me…

Circumstances have ever conspired to force me to give up every attachment across the duration of my mortal experiences. It is still happening…I have nothing…own nothing…have no one in my life…to which and whom I am longer attached…

The only attachments I have left are…negative thought and habit-reaction patterns…the ones which take origin in the reptilian part of the brain…and which are, by far, the most difficult of which to…let go… And these, too, must go…and are quickly passing out of mind…

The funny thing about human emotional and intellectual attachments is that they readily form at every conceivable level of human experience. And once formed…they are, for the majority of human individuals, almost impossible to let go.

Your Misplaced Faith Will Stunt the Growth 4

To a mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.  –Lao Tsu

The Mind that is Still…Even When It is Moving with Intention…

The great challenge of the human mortal experience is not…can you…but will you let go of every attachment to every thing, experience and person, which and who does not have survival value in your own private experience?

Before you may attain to that subtle and sublime place, inside you, where the mind is still…even when it is moving with intention…the place where matter begins to vanish to mind…you simply must let go of every thought and action, which will not survive the mortal experience…

Your Misplaced Faith Will Stunt the Growth 5

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”

“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the Cat.

“I don’t much care where—“ said Alice.

“Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,” said the Cat.

“—so long as I get somewhere,” Alice added as an explanation.

“Oh, you’re sure to do that,” said the Cat, “if you only walk long enough.”

Human Attachments are a Hindrance to the Growth of the Soul…

This scene from Alice in Wonderland pretty much typifies the average human intellect… Lost in one’s own emotions, thinking and belief system…the average individual is destined to wander—to meander along an uncertain path—without ever giving much thought to the reason for the wandering or the destination.

The attachment to the fictitious characters in Alice’s mind will ever lead her in a hazy direction, filled with both helpful and threatening characters, never fully revealing to Alice their motivations and intentions.

Will the unconscious wandering to and fro through wonder land finally lead to a place of stillness, where there are no attachments, and where the possibilities of genuine direct contact with the indwelling divine spirit may take place…?

The human mind is a maze…from which the majority never emerge…throughout the whole of the mortal experience…

What are the attachments, in your own life, which are the great inhibitors of your own soul growth…?

Your Misplaced Faith Will Stunt the Growth 6

Concentrate all your thought upon the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.  –Alexander Graham Bell


How many times have you heard someone say, or write the words…

listening to this man or woman will change your life…

following the teachings of this man or woman will change your life…

listening to these audio cassettes will change your life…

watching this video will change your life…

reading this or that sacred book will change your life…

Who, on the other hand, ever says to you…have faith only in the will of your Paradise Father and in the living connection to His divine spirit, which indwells your mind…? This is the laser focus required for the indwelling divine spirit to shine brilliantly within you…

Have faith only in the will of your Paradise Father and in the living connection to His divine spirit, which indwells your mind…



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