Questions Open the Blinds that Shut Out the Brilliant Divine Light of the Indwelling Thought Adjuster

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April 17, 2015 by Thought Controller


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Questions Open the Blinds 9

Raise Your Vibration: (1209.4) 110:6.4 …It is to the mind of perfect poise, housed in a body of clean habits, stabilized neural energies, and balanced chemical function — when the physical, mental, and spiritual powers are in triune harmony of development — that a maximum of light and truth can be imparted with a minimum of temporal danger or risk to the real welfare of such a being… –The Urantia Book, Paper 110, Relation of Thought Adjusters to Individual Mortals

Questions Open the Blinds that Shut Out the Brilliant Divine Light of the Indwelling Thought Adjuster

But Until You Learn How to Formulate the Questions in Your Own Mind…Answer Them…Truthfully…and Act upon the Answers…the Blinds Remain Closed…and where, by Your Will…the…Light of God…May Not Enter…

Questions Open the Blinds 10

If you cannot find peace within yourself, you will never find it anywhere else–  –Marvin Gaye

For several weeks I have been intensely vibrating inside…more than usual… I share this with you, only because I have been formulating new questions…which have never surfaced, before now…

The questions that have been surfacing almost constantly, lately, are…

  • How much do you desire to achieve at-one-ment with the indwelling divine spirit–to be in perfect unity with the will of God?
  • How much effort are you willing to put into the art and act of self-correction, self-control and self-mastery?
  • Do you…supremely desire…to attain to perfected spiritual unity more than you are still attached to this material life form?


Let us, together, do something very few, indeed, have a concept of doing. Let us, together, share a spontaneous exploration of my most deep, subtle and sublime inner explorations.

Imagine with me, if you will, that this is also…your spontaneous exploration… We are in replete synchronicity…exploring together…

The reason for doing this is only for sharing the most intimate levels of my thought processes, as an example of what you may also choose to do within yourself, in your own unique way…

I have  not yet answered these questions fully. And I desire greatly to explore as far as I can go with answering them.

Every moment of every day, there arise in me…feelings that lie deeper than any words I have available to put to them.

But just before we dig deep into attempting to answer these three questions, above, let us, first, consider these passages taken from a talk that Jesus of Nazareth gave to his apostles at one of his evening campfire sessions:

(1616.8) 143:7.6 Worship is the technique of looking to the One for the inspiration of service to the many. Worship is the yardstick which measures the extent of the soul’s detachment from the material universe and its simultaneous and secure attachment to the spiritual realities of all creation.

(1616.9) 143:7.7 Prayer is self-reminding — sublime thinking; worship is self-forgetting — superthinking. Worship is effortless attention, true and ideal soul rest, a form of restful spiritual exertion.

(1616.10) 143:7.8 Worship is the act of a part identifying itself with the Whole; the finite with the Infinite; the son with the Father; time in the act of striking step with eternity. Worship is the act of the son’s personal communion with the divine Father, the assumption of refreshing, creative, fraternal, and romantic attitudes by the human soul-spirit. –The Urantia Book, Paper, Paper 143, Going Through Samaria

Questions Open the Blinds 15

No matter which organized religious belief system you observe…the form is always the same… Every individual is always turned to the central authority. The form is linear. No one is allowed to interact with each other. It is the power of control over the minds of others, no matter what form it takes in the external world. It is MEterialism in every form it takes, reinforced by the power exertion of over control by a central authority—a dictatorship. God is not the center of authority in any of these external forms… Therein lies the…illusion…

The common secular definition given to the word, “worship,” is alienating to many, because it immediately conjures up the images of stylized traditional symbolisms—symbolic meanings, words, gestures and rituals, which organized religions, around the planet, have assigned to this word for millennia.

What I want you to clearly understand is that what I am doing here, with you, is true worship—self-forgetful superthinking. And true worship goes far beyond mere symbolism, symbolic meanings, words, gestures and rituals…

There is one more thing I choose to clarify. I often, and more often than not, use the term “divine partner” to refer to my indwelling divine spirit, the Thought Adjuster.

The reason I use the term “divine partner” is because I view the relationship between the Thought Adjuster and myself as I view the romantic engagement between a man and woman, who are planning to unite in the humanly sacred union of marriage.

My divine partner and I are betrothed—engaged—preparing for the divinely sacred union of…fusion…eternal marriage to each other…

How much do you desire to achieve at-one-ment with the indwelling divine spirit–to be in perfect unity with the will of God?

All three questions have a very high vibrational quality to them. Recently, I have become acutely aware that I am vibrating internally at a very high level of vibration. The reason for this is crystal clear to me.

I am ever striving to refine my diet to be the cleanest, most pure, organic and healthy I can make it. I daily purify my own tap water. The majority of my day I spend in quietude—stillness.

But that quietude—stillness of mind is ever interrupted by my material animal self—which is always, periodically, needing some attention; the rest of its clamoring is unimportant assertions of the ego.

This first question directly targets these unimportant and valueless assertions of ego.


Questions Open the Blinds 16

MEterialism (noun) the focus on everything external, as anything more than the shadow of the real.

What are the valueless assertions of ego?

We all have them. Most of us can readily see, point out, criticize and attempt to pull the splinters from another’s mind, while never being conscious of the beam post that is sticking out of the middle of the back and front of one’s own head. Most of us are asleep; we can do no wrong, even when it is obvious to all others around us.

We spend so much useless time talking about what others are doing to us, while we have little to no consciousness about the effect our words and actions have upon others in our lives.

Many fantasize about all of the toys of technology, new cars, new trucks, new homes, higher paying job, becoming a top executive, making millions of dollars or merely struggling to survive; they also fantasize about having more power to create their own reality, no matter who they have to step over to create it.

Sexual fantasies may very well nigh be universal in human beings.

Other fantasize about killing; often the fantasizing becomes reality.

The chatter of busy-ness in the mind; this is the universal valueless assertions of ego…to always be so preoccupied with every detail of living there is little or no time left for spiritual growth.

Where is the root of the disease in the material human intellect? It lies in never learning to view everything in the material world as but a shadow of the real which lies within…

Yes, divine partner. I am your betrothed. And I supremely desire to achieve at-one-ment with you—to be in perfected unity with my Paradise Father’s will, now and forevermore…

Questions Open the Blinds 4

Truth: Still the truth, even if no one believes it. A lie is still a lie, even if everyone believes it.


How much effort are you willing to put into the art and act of self-correction, self-control and self-mastery?

This question directly points at “taking action.” Doesn’t it? Energy follows thought. Do you know this to be true in your own experiences?

And it is, perhaps, the most seemingly impossible of achievements to change one’s habitual nature—the animal nature—one’s habit-reaction patterns—whether related to eating, sex, work, play, exercise, sleep, kids, spouse, lover, drug addictions, alcohol, cigarette smoking, pot smoking, addiction to prescription drugs, politics, religious beliefs, philosophical beliefs, scientific beliefs–emotional reactions and thought-reactions, both in relations to and with others and within the self-talk—the almost incessant self-chatter…

And then there is the challenge of illusory imaging, not the kind where the creative imagination takes flight, but the other kind. Illusory imaging is fantasizing about everything under the sun, except the relationship between the self and the indwelling divine spirit.

Over the course of a lifetime…how far would the energy following fantasizing have gone to make progress in soul growth, had all of that otherwise wasted energy been focused on self-improvement—the stabilization of one’s health, the stabilization of one’s emotions and the stabilization of one’s thoughts and subsequent actions—clean habits, stabilized neural energies and balanced chemical function…?

Divine Partner, I readily acknowledge my remaining character flaws. We are closer, now, than ever before to growing, together, beyond them. I daily rededicate myself to ever keeping these three questions at the edge of consciousness. I vow to immediately seize them into consciousness and ask myself these three questions, whenever a wholly selfish, useless and valueless thought or image enters my mind.

Questions Open the Blinds 2

You are not born a winner; you are not born a loser. You are born a chooser.

Do you…supremely desire…to attain to perfected spiritual unity more than you are still attached to this material life form?

I am still challenged by valueless assertions of the material intellect… It is in the…heat of the moment…when strong emotions arise and connect to these valueless ego assertions…the real test is before me…

I view these intense moments as the steepest face of the mortal ascension, just before reaching the summit, where one may stand victorious over the human animal self…

How long will this steep climb take? There are moments when I still feel weak…letting the ego-assertions of the material intellect take control, not even attempting to fight them. Then there are other times when I feel like I can make it to the top…the valueless assertions of the ego are fully under control.

Father…it is my will…now and forevermore…that Your will be done…in my mortal experience as it shall someday be on Paradise with You…

Divine partner…you know my heart… You know my strengths and my weaknesses of character…

And neither of us will ever stop trying to attain to the fullest self-forgetfulness, self-control and self-mastery…

And we will triumph in the mastery of the human animal form…no matter how long it takes…


Questions Open the Blinds 17

And all this steadfastness of conduct and uniformity of action is personal, conscious and highly volitional, for the great God is not a helpless slave to his own perfection and infinity. God is not a self-acting automatic force; he is not a slavish law-bound power. God is neither a mathematical equation nor a chemical formula. He is a freewill and primal personality. He is the Universal Father, a being surcharged with personality and the universal fount of all creature personality. –The Urantia Book, Paper 12, The Universe of Universes

And you will triumph in the mastery of the human animal form…no matter how long it takes…

Questions Open the Blinds 16


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