My Daily Health Regimen

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My Daily Health Regimen

What Being Healthy Means to Me


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 Tim R Walls 2

 (142.1) 12:9.6 Mortal man has a spirit nucleus. The mind is a personal-energy system existing around a divine spirit nucleus and functioning in a material environment. Such a living relationship of personal mind and spirit constitutes the universe potential of eternal personality. Real trouble, lasting disappointment, serious defeat, or inescapable death can come only after self-concepts presume fully to displace the governing power of the central spirit nucleus, thereby disrupting the cosmic scheme of personality identity.  —The Urantia Book, Paper 12, The Universe of Universes

What Does this mean?

Take a few moments and study the video above. This will give you the psychology framework for better and more clearly understanding the continuation of the discussion that follows.

My Daily Health Regimen 2

“…inescapable death can come only after self-concepts presume fully to displace the governing power of the central spirit nucleus, thereby disrupting the cosmic scheme of personality identity.” If you meditate upon the full passage above, from The Urantia Book, you will come to the same inescapable conclusion… It means that death is not inevitable in the human species on planet Earth (Urantia.)

So then…what does “self-concepts” refer to, in this context, and in view of what the video diagrams that all of us must evolve up through, from childhood through the course of our adult lives?

I won’t rehash the psychological framework outlined in the video, except to ask… What are YOUR self-concepts?

One of the most obvious self-concepts to which the idea of “inescapable death” is not an inevitability in human experience is that every human being I’ve ever known has revealed to me their “inevitable concept of their own death…” Think deeply about what I have just stated.

Do you know anyone, in your own life-experience, including yourself, who doesn’t have a self-concept, deeply embedded into your psyche–your mind-mirror self-reflection, which tells you, without doubt, you are going to…die…?

This is all I am going to say on this subject, for now. Just think about what all of this means…

Self-sacrifice and Happiness…Peace within…

Is not whatever price we pay to experience truth, beauty and goodness…leading to happiness and peace within…even the supreme price of having to let go of the old life and old ways of living and doing things worth the self-sacrifice involved?

There was a time in my younger years when I would have told you no…it is not always worth it… Time and experience proved to me how wrong I was. All that I am, in the evolving experiences of the ever-present moment, is due to the many self-sacrifices I made in the past, both unconsciously and consciously, and continue to make in the present…

Selective, Intentional and Self-directed Living

And I no longer view what I do as “self-sacrifices,” but rather the natural process of “selective, intentional and self-directed living,” ever working at keeping my inner life…quiet…to listen to the whispering of the still, small voice within…

This “selective, intentional and self-directed living includes being ever aware of what the human animal self is thinking, needing, wanting, desiring, only allowing myself to think what I super consciously choose to think and focus on my inner creative life, as well as my verbal thoughts expressed outwardly in the world and to others.

I do not do this perfectly, yet… But such perfection in self-control and self-mastery is ever before me as the final goal of attainment.

Such goals of attainment to self-control, self-mastery and the expression of the truest character possible…is available to everyone.

It is ever a truism, however, that the individual, who is lazy in mind, is also unwilling to exert the effort required to rise above the animal self, and will almost always follow the path of least resistance in his or her daily living.

My Daily Health Regimen 1

The Horror of Being a Natural Vegetarian in a Heavily Meat-eating Family

I grew up in an Irish family, which migrated from Ireland to the U.S., during the Irish potato famine of 1845-1852. They settled in Virginia, migrated into the deeper South, on into the hills of Monticello, Kentucky. From there, my immediate family migrated into northern Indiana, near Warsaw, close to the Iowa state border line.

My dad was born in 1939. His childhood was one where all the children worked as soon as they were old enough. His diet consisted mostly of meat and potatoes. And this is what I was born into…heavy on the meat and potatoes. Fortunately, we lived on a farm, where we grew a one acre plot vegetable garden. We had lots of fruit and berry trees and plants.

Born with IBS–Irritable Bowel Syndrome, my immune system was weak. I nearly died at six weeks from jaundice and pneumonia. Pneumonia attacked me again, nearly killing me at six months, and one more time at fourteen years of age. I was allergic to nearly everything that entered my stomach through my mouth, and my lungs through my nose and mouth. My eyes teared almost constantly as a child. I had one cold or bout with flu, again and again with great frequency.

By the time I reached eight years of age, every meal became a contest between my dad and me. I did not look forward to sit down meals with the family. I detested both the smell and the taste of meat. And so my childhood was a horror story experience of being forced to eat meat, getting sick as  a result. Then unconsciously going on fruit and raw vegetable binges, especially the eating of massive amounts of apples and oranges to cleanse my body.

We drank water from our own well, which I believe was relatively clean. But my dad and step-mom were both smokers. They smoked in the house. So for nearly seventeen years of my life, I was exposed to their second hand smoke. It is understandable that, in my early twenties, I also became addicted to smoking cigarettes. This continued for a total of nine years, increasing my daily nicotine intake to four to six packs of non-filter cigarettes per day.

It took me until thirty-two years of age to come to grips with meat-eating, a poor diet and addictions.

The Great Change

The great change in my life came at thirty-one years of age. During the previous two years I had consciously set about rewiring my brain to smoke less and less.

After my marriage to my second spouse, I refused to smoke in the house around her or the children. So I had to go outside, every day during that first winter, to smoke a cigarette. By the following spring, in 1982, I had decreased my intake of nicotine to three to four cigarettes a day.

I then decided, one day in May, 1982 to go on a seven day purified water and juice fast, in order to cleanse the nicotine out of my system. I succeeded. The nicotine was gone. But the psychological desire was still there. I would continue to battle with this psychological addiction to smoking for another eighteen months.

Once I got beyond the psychological addiction, I became interested in eating healthier.

From this point, in my life, it would be a long and continuous process of slowly but surely awakening to become aware of how eating foods made me feel, afterwards. By this method, I increasingly became more self-aware of my eating habits, beginning a slow but methodical elimination of all foods that made me feel bad–tired, lethargic, and which increased my allergic reaction.

The Present

Looking back over the decades since 1982, it is now thirty-three, almost thirty-four years, since I began teaching myself to live an increasingly healthier lifestyle. These last 34 years have been cold, flu and illness free.

Since retiring from active employment in 2010, I have set about controlling periodic allergies, completely through further changes in diet.

These changes were nonetheless as dramatic as stopping smoking and eliminating alcohol of any kind from my diet. The great change was to eliminate all processed foods from my diet.

I have given you this background so that you would better understand that none of this has been sudden, but an evolution of understanding which foods keep me healthy, and which did not, which do not, therefore, being slowly but surely eliminated from my daily diet. And now, you will further understand, when I present my daily health regimen to you, that if it is not on the list I present here, I do not eat it.

It is also important that you understand that this is my diet, based on decades of refinement. I do not present it as something you, or anyone, should adopt for yourself.

Healthy eating

My Daily Health Regimen

At present, I start each day, doing the following:

1. Upon awakening, usually around 4:00 – 5:00 a.m., one half hour of communication with the indwelling God-fragment, my Thought Adjuster, which I now view as my…Thought Controller…followed by meditation.

2. 1 12 oz. cup of Dandelion or Detox Tea.

3. 1 Quart of Purified Water.

4. 2 oz. each of four different combination juices, which contain all of the following:

  • carrots
  • oranges
  • blueberries
  • mangoes
  • bananas
  • apples
  • grapes
  • pears
  • kiwi
  • pineapple
  • spirulina
  • green tea
  • spinach
  • broccoli
  • barley grass
  • wheat grass
  • garlic
  • Jerusalem artichoke
  • Nova Scotia Dulse

5. 1 oz. of Alive Liquid Daily Vitamin

6. 1 Quart of Purified Water

7. Mid-afternoon 12 oz. cup of green tea or other herbal tea

8. Late afternoon meal of various alkali high phyto-nutrient vegetables.

9. 1 quart of purified water.

10. 1 evening 12 oz. cup of herbal tea.

In the next month, I will begin adding in one daily 12 oz. glass of 1 half freshly squeezed lemon juice in warm water with a small amount of raw local honey, which is chocked full of bee pollen.

As I may make further modifications to this diet, I will update the above daily health regimen list.

You may deduce from this list that I am maintaining a very simple diet. High amounts of purified water, high amounts of nutrient-containing fruit and vegetable juice, and very little solid, but high nutrient containing fresh vegetables.

What is the High Cost of Polluting Both Your Physical Temple and Your Temple of the Mind?

And lastly, I ask you to deeply consider… What is the high cost of poor health for which you are presently paying, not just in terms of medical costs, but also and more importantly, in terms of a low quality of living, which includes poor mental health?

If this describes you, then ask yourself… What is the comparative cost of a healthy lifestyle? And are you willing to make the both great and little changes in your dietary lifestyle to achieve the potential maximum of a healthy body and mind?

“When the development of the intellectual nature proceeds faster than that of the spiritual, such a situation renders communication with the Thought Adjuster both difficult and dangerous. Likewise, overspiritual development tends to produce a fanatical and perverted interpretation of the spirit leadings of the divine indweller. Lack of spiritual capacity makes it very difficult to transmit to such a material intellect the spiritual truths resident in the higher superconsciousness. It is to the mind of perfect poise, housed in a body of clean habits, stabilized neural energies, and balanced chemical function—when the physical, mental, and spiritual powers are in triune harmony of development—that a maximum of light and truth can be imparted with a minimum of temporal danger or risk to the real welfare of such a being. By such a balanced growth does man ascend the circles of planetary progression one by one, from the seventh to the first.” (1209.1) 110:6.1 –The Urantia Book, Paper 110, Relation of Adjusters to Individual Mortals

Throughout the decades of my life, reading The Urantia Book, many multiple times, I have often wondered if I truly understood what the passage in red, above, really means, especially “housed in a body of clean habits…” It would be so easy to interpret this passage, strictly in terms of personal hygiene.

After thinking about it deeply for a long time, and in view of what the Master said to his apostles and to others following him, let us further consider the in depth words of Jesus of Nazareth on the subject of being housed in a body of clean habits…

My Daily Health Regimen 4

(1712.5) 153:3.5 Jesus then directed his remarks to all present. He said: “But hearken to me, all of you. It is not that which enters into the mouth that spiritually defiles the man, but rather that which proceeds out of the mouth and from the heart.” But even the apostles failed fully to grasp the meaning of his words, for Simon Peter also asked him: “Lest some of your hearers be unnecessarily offended, would you explain to us the meaning of these words?” And then said Jesus to Peter: “Are you also hard of understanding? Know you not that every plant which my heavenly Father has not planted shall be rooted up? Turn now your attention to those who would know the truth. You cannot compel men to love the truth. Many of these teachers are blind guides. And you know that, if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the pit. But hearken while I tell you the truth concerning those things which morally defile and spiritually contaminate men. I declare it is not that which enters the body by the mouth or gains access to the mind through the eyes and ears, that defiles the man. Man is only defiled by that evil which may originate within the heart, and which finds expression in the words and deeds of such unholy persons. Do you not know it is from the heart that there come forth evil thoughts, wicked projects of murder, theft, and adulteries, together with jealousy, pride, anger, revenge, railings, and false witness? And it is just such things that defile men, and not that they eat bread with ceremonially unclean hands.”*  —The Urantia Book, Paper 153, The Crisis at Capernaum

While there is great harm done to the human animal physical tabernacle of time, in the ingesting of daily poisons, the greater harm is what originates within each of our minds, as regards our individually unique “self-concepts.” It is specifically the often negative, even evil, vile and wicked thoughts that often originate within the human mind, which mars, scars and sears (like a blow torch) the inner sacred temple of the mind.

You may possibly also better understand why I have worked and am still working hard to uproot and eliminate all beliefs within my own mind. Beliefs are divisive, first within one’s own mind and then manifest visibly in the world as divisive.

“Housed in a body of clean habits” means to uproot and eliminate every self-concept that is divisive (whether you think it is divisive or not), and which is self-limiting and pre-determinative.

What are the “self-concepts” which limit your true potentials of expressing your own truest character, in the world, in your own life-experience?


Could I succeed in conveying to you why it has become “supremely important” to purify both the body and the mind, in my own life-experience, and your takeaway is nothing more than to understand why you might want to work to evolve and ascend above all limiting habits of self-addicting behaviors and beliefs that are limiting your fuller, even fullest potentials in the human life-experience…my takeaway would be the joy of sharing our mutual understanding and greater spiritual success through the wisdom-attainment of self-control and self-mastery…



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