The Language You Use…Self-imprisoning…or Self-liberating…?


March 6, 2015 by Thought Controller

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The Language You Use…Self-imprisoning…or Self-liberating…?

The Language You Use...Self-imprisoning...or Self-liberating 1

Is the Language You Use, Like a Reed that Bends with the Wind…? Or is the Language You Use–Set in Stone…?


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The Language You Use...Self-imprisoning...or Self-liberating 6

If we could only allow ourselves, as a whole civilization, to realize that the inflexibility of language is what imprisons us–inside the cocoon of the human intellect, we would ever-momentarily make the effort to become aware of the language we use to constantly create and reinforce the dark veil within the human mind–the first great hurdle we must cross in attempting to traverse the distance between the mortal mind and the mid-mind–the soul…

The soul has vast powers of perception and communication with the Universe Father’s indwelling spirit–the Thought Attuner–also called the Thought Adjuster, Thought Monitor and Thought Controller, in the final stages of soul maturation.

But the soul hardly has a chance to function, when it is constantly being starved with the impoverished and self-imprisoning language we habitually use, privately and publicly, on ourselves and on others, along with often times, evil actions–immoral behavior.

The Language You Use...Self-imprisoning...or Self-liberating 3
“Progress demands development of individuality; mediocrity seeks perpetuation in standardization.”  —The Urantia Book, Paper 48, The Morontia Life

Whether you are right…or whether you are wrong…you are still right… Isn’t this at the root of our present state of intellectual and ideological warring that is tearing at the fabric of societies around the Earth…every individual wants to be right…regardless of the cost to the self and to others…even when they are clearly…wrong…?

The Language You Use...Self-imprisoning...or Self-liberating 4

To defend what is truly right and wrong, even at the cost of one’s own life…is never…wrong…

But to live by the highest principle of wisdom–“the argumentative defense of any proposition is inversely proportional to the truth contained,” contains within it…the deepest wisdom of the human experience…the quiescent mind…which perpetually stands in the presence of the spirit-fragment–the pilot light, which the Universe Creator sends to indwell the mortal mind, and the true source of the creation of the evolving mortal soul…

So then…what does this principle mean…”the argumentative defense of any proposition is inversely proportional to the truth contained?” In its simplest and deepest meaning…the more you have to argue for what you believe is the truth…the less truth it contains… This is a statement of principle that bears repeating over and over, until it really sinks in…and you really “get it.”

The more you have to argue for what you believe is the truth…the less truth it contains…

Don’t just let these words roll over you… Stop yourself! Take them to heart… Internalize and meditate upon this simple and profound principle of human interaction with others…and with yourself–with your own internal and external self-dialogue, when no one is present…

And within this simple, yet profound truth, lies the experiential path to self-control and self-mastery…wherein one evolves into the place, within the temple, to the innermost Holy of holies–the place of sacred connection to the most sublime and subtle levels of communication with this indwelling spirit of the Universe Father-God of all living things and beings–the Thought Attuner, without whose presence in the mortal mind…all would be darkness, and cessation of identity-existence, beyond the cessation of vital motion in the animal-origin body of the human individual—would end in permanent and eternal death.

The exploration of fixed versus fluid language, leading to these sublime and subtle levels of communication with the Indwelling Thought Attuner…is yet to come…

Every single life is, indeed, precious, in the sight of our Father… And that is the Universe-sized view! I have a long way to go to attain the Universe-sized view… The more of our spiritual heritage and inheritance–our spiritual riches and natural human talents we claim, use daily, hone and deploy in service of others, the more we develop the expansive view of our fellow beings–see the good in them and work to help them claim the spiritual inheritance that is rightfully theirs…vast spiritual riches are…rightfully yours…

…vast spiritual riches are…

rightfully yours…


2 thoughts on “The Language You Use…Self-imprisoning…or Self-liberating…?

  1. The audio link doesn’t work. My eyes aren’t good so I prefer to listen. I also think the spoken word has a greater effect.


    • Cyber, I check and double check every audio link by listening to it multiple times, before ever letting anyone know the article has been published. I just checked it, again. Since no one, until now, has ever reported an audio link as not working, I would question the problem being with your connection to my site. If you tell me how you are connecting, whether by mobile phone and wifi, laptop, or desktop and which browser you are using, I might be able to help you resolve the connection problem. 🙂


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