Are You Unwilling to Forgive…”Inexcusable Actions…” of Others, as Well as…Your Own…?


January 27, 2015 by Thought Controller

Are You Unwilling to Forgive…”Inexcusable Actions…” of Others, as Well as…Your Own…?

Is it not possibly…inexcusable…as a moral child of our Paradise Father…to erect a barrier of an unforgiving attitude…which directly inhibits the continuing evolution and spiritual growth of your soul…?

Are You Unwilling to Forgive… 4

People are asleep. They wake up when they die? …Really? Do you want to be one of the vast masses of individuals on this planet, who spends the whole of human experience…asleep…hanging onto unspiritual attitudes of the ego-intellect…?

How could he (she) do that to me? I can never forgive and never forget. Well…maybe I can forgive…but I will never forget. Whoa! I guess I still haven’t forgiven… Have I…? Can I never forget and still have…truly forgiven…?

And why is it I can never allow myself to forget…?

From the Institute of Noetic Sciences IONS

Fred Luskin, PhD

There are…there are two ways that I have defined “forgiveness.” The simplest is to simply say…that no matter what has happened in any of our lives, at this moment we can be at peace…that forgiveness is the experience of being at peace, right now, no matter what story, no matter what drama, no matter what has occurred five minutes ago or five years ago.

And so I refer to forgiveness as an assertive creation of peace, in the present.

The second aspect of it (that’s the most simple…and that’s the easiest for people to grasp) that the second part of it is that we are the ones who created the lack of peace. So we are the only ones who can remedy that situation…that life happened… And then we objected to life.

And it was our objecting to our own life…saying no…this is not the way this life should have been… It should have been that way. Our objecting to our own life caused emotional and physical and spiritual turmoil.

Forgiveness is the resolution of our objection.

It really has nothing to do with life or the people in it. Because life just happens in all of its myriad of experiences and arisings, we object to part of it.

So forgiveness is, in that context, again it’s making peace, when you didn’t get what you want. And that allows an umbrella…the first part is the most important, which is…you’re making peace…

But the second part is you’re making peace with some situation or experience, where you didn’t get what you want. And you objected to it.

Some of the brain scanning research has shown centers in the brain for altruism and kind of loving kindness, and centers that light up when we think about revenge…that human beings come with the whole package. And…so there have to be some kind of evolutionary place for it all.

The question, I think, is for each of us or for cultures… How much do you want to be reactive? And how much do you want to be thinking creatively about where’s the appropriate manifestation of…say…aggression or tolerance. And that’s what we don’t do very well.

It’s clear that if you are a parent…and somebody’s about to harm your child…you want to stop them! And you want to stop them with everything you’ve got available to you.

And for an hour or two, afterwards, you’re gonna be processing through that threat. And you’re gonna be processing through the horror of possibly losing your child. And even the horror of what that brought out in you.

So there’s this whole thing…and then…you’re gonna have some residual resentment toward the person who initiated that. That, to me, is normal, adaptive human experience.

Then I believe we go off into the maladaptive, which is…we start telling 30 people about how lucky we are and how unfair it is that that happened to us.

And then we label that person as evil or bad, because they caused us to have this experience, instead of us continuing to process it through, until we’re back at a less prejudiced point.

But we retain the choice, all the time, as to what we do…past the biological imperative. And the biological imperative is strong. You have to protect people. And you have to, like, steer yourself through some very difficult borders, which require some defenses and some aggression and some assertiveness.

It’s just…the question is…when and how do you cease that? And I believe human beings have done a very poor job of that.

Modern Human Anatomy Program

If you are nothing more than a living, human bio-machine, then it is okay for you to live out your life…asleep…unaware of how your own thoughts and actions contribute to a state of fear and a subsequent unforgiving attitude toward others. But if you believe that your moral awareness and the evolution of your mortal soul constitutes a higher you that is far greater than the “mere sum of your bio-mechanical parts…” then you have an actual and very real obligation to forgive yourself and all others in your life experiences and…forget…

What Are You Fighting for?

Well…what ARE you fighting for? A great many of us seem to ever be continually struggling against and fighting for whatever things, concepts and people we deem superior to all other things, concepts and people living in the world around us.

The fact of our reality is that whatever we are struggling against and fighting for…we are struggling against and fighting…ourselves…

In Truth…What Separates Us from Each Other?

Where do you define where you begin and where you end? Are you only as big as your unforgiving attitude toward those, whose actions toward you were/are in your perception…”inexcusable…?” And therefore they do not deserve to be…”forgiven…?”

Principle number three of my twenty-eight principle philosophy of living says…”3. Inherent capacities cannot be exceeded; a pint can never hold a quart. The spirit concept cannot be mechanically forced into the material memory mold.”

But before I reveal to you what this statement means, extracted from my lessons of life…I would like for you to consider this…

The answer to the question of how many atoms are there in one human individual body is…

In summary, for a typical human of 70 kg, there are almost 7*1027 atoms (that’s a 7 followed by 27 zeros!) Another way of saying this is “seven billion billion billion.” Of this, almost 2/3 is hydrogen, 1/4 is oxygen, and about 1/10 is carbon.

Although the human body feels solid to us…it is only because we are vibrating at a specific low frequency that may be interpreted by the brain as…solid…

We are actually…liquid…being 98% water.

Is not the ultimate goal, from one perspective, to achieve a balanced brain? In other words…to be able to call on the skills of each hemisphere of your brain? How balanced are you in using both halves of your own individual brain?

And is it not the ultimate goal, from an even higher and more philosophical-spiritual perspective to…be one with all that is…? To be one with all that is…you must recognize a God, who is above all human beliefs about Him and accept that we are all brothers and sisters on planet Earth.

We are, indeed, brothers and sisters, because we are ALL sharing the same atoms and molecules. And we are all endowed with the same indwelling spirit of God…the pilot light that lights every human baby born into this experience.

It is now a scientifically verifiable fact that we are ALL members of the same human species. It is now scientifically known that we are ALL but one one hundredth of one percent made up of identical genetic sequences. So we must therefore conclude that as a biological species we are virtually identical—one and the same at the level of our genes. Think heavily on this.

We are ALL just one one hundredth of one percent different in our biological space suits. And that one one hundredth of one percent is what makes us look different from each other!

Are You Unwilling to Forgive… 5

There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.   ~Max Planck

Do you really think it is your human mind and brain that is holding the atoms and molecules together to form your individual bio-suit?

Let us go back to Principle number three:

Principle number three of my twenty-eight principle philosophy of living says…”3. Inherent capacities cannot be exceeded; a pint can never hold a quart. The spirit concept cannot be mechanically forced into the material memory mold.”

A pint believes that his or her body is a personal possession. And that is because the spirit cannot mechanically force itself into such low-level, low vibration conceptual self-imprisonment.

But when you allow yourself to escape from that conceptual self-imprisonment and grow into the realization that you are a living universe that is as expansive within you as the universe around you…you may begin to grasp the deeper meaning of your individual existence from a far more greatly expanded understanding and wisdom perception.

The seven billion billion billion atoms and molecules inside you are held together by the Infinite Spirit Mind—The Universal Mind. And everything about you, in your deluded state, you think belongs to you is…a loaner… It’s on loan to you. You must earn the right to keep it beyond human experience.

Are You Unwilling to Forgive… 2

Bitterness and an unforgiving spirit can be likened to you taking poison and expecting that someone else would die from the effect.  ~Tope Popoola

So go ahead, in your stubborn resistance to spiritual growth,  keep hanging onto bitterness and an unforgiving spirit. But know, in reality, you are poisoning your mind, brain and body with your low vibration negative thoughts.

Are You Unwilling to Forgive… 1

Lay down an unforgiving spirit, because there’ll be no peace until you do. ~Anita R. Sneed-Carter

You will never experience true peace within yourself, as long as you are hanging onto the belief that you have the right to not forgive, even a single person, whom you believe has wronged you.

Are You Unwilling to Forgive… 6

Conscious Evolution: If you amplify the frequency…the structure of the matter will change…

True enlightenment is fluid, changes shape and flows like water, removing every form of resistance…until it reaches that sacred place that is full of the joy of life…

“Full of the Joy of Life” by Stuart Wilde

We do not have a democracy…or enlightened beings… And by being enlightened…you are always going to be…slightly odd…slightly different…a bit of a weirdo…because you are not prepared to fit into the norm.

You become what I call…a fringe dweller…because tick-tock drives you crazy…the oohs and the ahs of life drive you nuts…

But in spite of that…and in spite of all of the restrictions…there you are…this enlightened being…full of the joy of life…full of the sensuous…the beauty…a part of all things…

There’s a gaiety to life… There’s a care-free beauty… And as you begin to develop a philosophy of life…that is…care-free… You become this wonderful scamp…

And you can see a laughter…a silliness…and a beauty… You can see the courage that is naturally inside your heart…full of the joy of life…

Are You Unwilling to Forgive… 7

(539.2) 47:9.5 You will greatly enjoy your progress through the seven dematerializing worlds; they are really demortalizing spheres. You are mostly human on the first mansion world, just a mortal being minus a material body, a human mind housed in a morontia form — a material body of the morontia world but not a mortal house of flesh and blood. You really pass from the mortal state to the immortal status at the time of Adjuster fusion, and by the time you have finished the Jerusem career, you will be full-fledged morontians. –The Urantia Book –  Paper 47 – The Seven Mansion Worlds

Is it not possibly…inexcusable…as a moral child of our Paradise Father…to erect a barrier of an unforgiving attitude…which directly inhibits the continuing evolution and spiritual growth of your soul…?

If you continue to erect these barriers, no matter how spiritual you may deem yourself to be…you will remain more asleep than awake throughout the whole of your short human experience… Or…

You may choose to remove every barrier to spiritual growth and live with one foot grounded in the human existence, while the other is firmly planted in the spiritual existence of the morontia soul, as a semi-spirit being, who is already living in Paradise within…a being of inner light and life…indestructible…a mortal child of eternal destiny…a mortal son of God…while yet living in and waiting to shed…the ninety-eight percent liquid bio-suit of animal origin…

shed…the ninety-eight percent liquid bio-suit of animal origin…


3 thoughts on “Are You Unwilling to Forgive…”Inexcusable Actions…” of Others, as Well as…Your Own…?

  1. Martin Forgues says:

    Hi sir!…I partialy agree with what you are saying… they destroyed my career…my health..I DONT have the health to work right now….I lost my passion jobs 3 times because I know to much(business secrets and health secrets..I mean tons of people will get sick and tons will die..hidden from the public…heyy!!!!)……reputation no good anymore….0 in my bank account….no more driving liscence….tried to kill myself 4 times… family…no friends…all alone…..almost all of this because of them.+.titinus..eyes pain..anorgasmia..extreme fatigue..weird sensations in all my body..I was microwaved by government spy agency..let go ??…..I cannot work anymore….in 6 weeks I will be in the street…..I deserved a compensation….I m looking for one big time sir and I will let go after that….its because of them all this…its not my fault….I respect your opinion but sir I really deserved something(compensation) to help me out….God really love me….God is with me 400%….major secrets concerning the health of tons of human beings…..let go ???….$$ and I will let go….I m looking for an offer for a deal..100%….Martin F.


    • Martin, if you only partially agree with what I am saying…that might be interpreted as meaning you largely disagree with what I am saying. What is it I have said in this article you largely don’t agree with and don’t believe…? 🙂


  2. Martin Forgues says:

    Hi sir !!….you can forgive 100% agree with you….but if you kill millions of peoples for example….even my mother and my child’s….because you have a business that contaminates the drinking water all over the country…..I can forgive and I will…..but I will not forgive and let go until concretes changes are made… easy to understand….sorry sir my english is average….100% agree with you….my point is I will fight and make sure that someone very credible is taking care of this….contamination occur since 65 years approx….hidden from the costumers and public…I will make sure that it is not hidden anymore if I have no answers….after this I will forgive….and if spy agencies tried to kill the man who wants to disclosed this major HEALTH topic because of $$$$…to protect your international business….I will make sure that they need to understand the truth…the reality of things…and leave that man alone…..and if that man cannot work anymore because spy agency hurted him with stealth weapon(microwaved weapon)…and cannot proove this to his doctor or anyone else….and he’s health and career are gone..he cannot work anymore because he is always in pain…I will forgive if this man receive proper care and compensation from the ones who are responsible or from other ones…your concept is 100% true but its a lot more then only a concept sir….


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