Is Your Inner Life…Free from Strife…? Are You Living in Light…?

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January 10, 2015 by Thought Controller

Is Your Inner Life…Free from Strife…? Are You Living in Light…?

(Written January 10th, 2015)

Is Your Inner Life...Free from Strife 3

You have personality and inner creativity…
no person can completely control activity…
exercise authority over the external world…
and when you pass from the inner to the outer threshold
possessing limited sovereignty of human will…
struggles within social systems are struggles of freewill
to externally build what you see within and feel…

Is your…inner life…free from strife…? are you living in light…?
controlled…directed…constructive…describes your inner life…?
or…spontaneous…uncontrolled…haphazard…no direction…?
unworthy children of mind…subject to vivisection…?
creative imagination imprisoned…no longer free…?
prejudice, hate, fears, resentments, revenge, and bigotry…?
these handcuff…shackle the mind…make it blind…to no longer see…

Is Your Inner Life...Free from Strife 1

Is your inner life…free from strife… are you living in light…?
a person of ideals given birth in the inner life…?
or poverty-stricken with an abundance of ideas…
of origin in the outer world…mind diarrhea…?
poverty…divorce…racial hatred…war…explainable
by knowing many facts..which are indistinguishable
from creative…transforming ideals…which enable…

Freewill endowed with inner powers of creativity…
we use for loving creativity and destructivity…
nobility of character…? evil and oppression…?
life’s equation…? or a maze from which there is no escape…?
unity with spirit…? or mind masturbation…self-rape…?
sharing the inner life with God…? or greedy obsession…?
the steady growth of the soul…? or self disintegration…?

Is Your Inner Life...Free from Strife 4

All of these are choices within the…mind’s eye reservoir…
the indwelling spirit is in the center of your core…
sharing…communicating with that part of God…within…
is talking…sharing with God who gives life to begin
ascension…human into soul into spirit…divine…
sharing is…divine…the imitation of God…to find…
secret key to perfection…the key to eternal life…

Are you sharing with God…who has given you life with mind…?

ascension…human into soul into spirit…divine…?

sharing is…divine…the imitation of God to find…

secret key to perfection…the key to eternal life…

Is Your Inner Life...Free from Strife 2


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