Why do You Feel…Lonely…? You are Never Alone…

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July 17, 2014 by Thought Controller

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Why do You Feel…Lonely…? You are Never Alone…

(Written July 17th, 2014)



Why do You Feel...Lonely... You are Never Alone...2


Galatians 5:22-23 New International Version (NIV)
22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.


The Paradox of Feeling Lonely but Never Truly Being Alone…

Why do You Feel...Lonely... You are Never Alone...3


There were many moments in my life, when I was surrounded by family and friends, yet felt very lonely…

In the present, I live alone…yet never feel lonely…

I find this to be an interesting paradox…a seeming contradiction…but nevertheless…true…

I realize, now, that those times in my life, when I felt lonely, even though surrounded by family and friends, were due to feeling distant from the indwelling presence of my Paradise Father…the Thought Adjuster…

As recently as 2006, I went through a “cleaning out period,” wherein I felt something akin to “agnosticism.” I distanced myself, once again, from everything I thought I knew and understood, because all of it felt like it was the “mountain which was blocking the view…”

Unlike the “dark night of the mind, which obscured the soul” period in my life, the year and a half I did not want to speak of any philosophical concepts and thoughts about God, this phase of my experience directly involved the “shedding of the dead skin” I had been wearing for several decades…

When I emerged from this “shedding of the dead skin…,” I was more greatly aware of the Thought Adjusters presence within me and the spiritual presences and invisible spirit-beings around me… It was then I began to more fully comprehend and see that I am never truly…alone…


 Is Mind…Limited…? Or is it Unlimited..? What Limits the Mind?

Why do You Feel...Lonely... You are Never Alone...4


Another “life lesson” learned from this experience…revealed that within human experience…there is a constant swing of a gravitational pendulum within the mortal mind-experience…

This gravitational swing of our life-experiences continues to occur to extremes of selfish and unselfish behaviors, evil-doing and spiritual fruit-bearing, darkness and light…until we become fully stabilized, either in our maturing years or on the first of the mansion world planets…Mansonia number one…

Is mind…limited? Or is mind…unlimited…? What do you think limits the mind?

In my view…mind is universal…unlimited… If you can grasp and perceive this view and understanding of mind…then there is only one conclusion that remains… While mind itself is unlimited…it is the human brain, itself, which limits mind…

However well-ordered or disordered the human brain is…will determine how well mind may serve the individual son or daughter of our Paradise Father…


Why do You Feel...Lonely... You are Never Alone...1


You may learn to use these periodical swings of the mind-experience pendulum to greater advantage in your own life-experience-path, if you choose…

For whatever reasons I showed tendencies to become left-handed, right-brain dominant (I question whether this is really a true picture of the brain’s function), my biological father was determined that I should be right-handed. And I would have been forced into this supposed left-brain dominance, were it not for my Cherokee grandmother, who multiple times got in my dad’s face and forbid him to interfere with my natural left-hand development.

My grandmother recognized my evolving creative nature, nurturing and nourishing its development. And I am forever grateful to her.

As time passed, however, I began to recognize the need to develop both sides of my self…the use of the right and the left sides of human skills…

And so I set about teaching myself to do all of the following, equally well:

  • using both ears and both eyes to see what is both seen and…not seen…
  • using both hands to…
    • type
    • write
    • throw a ball
    • play pool and ping-pong
    • hammer nails
    • eat
    • and etc.
  • using both feet to…
    • kick a ball
    • apply leverage for lifting
    • balance on one leg
    • position for throwing a ball
    • and etc.

Without realizing it…I was further setting out to prove to myself that anything I could do with the left side of my body, I could do equally well with my right side… This eventually led to a yet deeper understanding of how this ambidextrous development was contributing to the reordering of my brain…stabilization…balance…equipoise…and inner peace…

Does developing yourself to become ambidextrous require great effort? You bet it does! Is it worth the effort? You bet it is! And I greatly encourage you to do the same.


The Past, Present and Future…
Why do You Feel...Lonely... You are Never Alone...5


Every person I have ever known, without exception, dwells—focuses obsessively on the past, can’t let go of the past, in relationships, and is…never truly present…

Whether this obsession with the past is well-nigh universal in the mind-experience of human beings, I do not know…

What I do know is that we, each of us, have a choice to hang onto or let go of the past. 

And letting go of the past is far harder to do than merely embracing the concept of it…believing you should…and making a half-hearted attempt at, periodically, when you momentarily wake up to realize that you are…unhappy in the present moments…of your life…

After the “dark night of the mind, which obscured the soul” period of life…1976 to 1979…I was obsessively, insanely hanging onto past experiences, blaming others, separating myself from everyone and everything, except my children…and obsessively ingesting drugs, alcohol and nicotine…


Why do You Feel...Lonely... You are Never Alone...6


Letting go, forgiving and forgetting was the great life-lesson of these years…

In the present…I never dwell on what might have been…except to understand, in wisdom, how I chose (or didn’t choose) to correct my course. I look over the distance of my short experience, here, and realize the tremendous growth taking place, in the present…and this is all that matters…

  • How am I treating my fellow beings, now?
  • How am I trying to be of service, now?
  • How am I focusing on living in the presence of the spirit, now…?

Loving myself, to me, means…never allowing myself to feel discouraged about my imperfections but to focus on character correction…


How Can You Feel Lonely…? You are Never Truly Alone…
Why do You Feel...Lonely... You are Never Alone...9

Others often tell me that they speak to God, just before or after retiring to their beds… 

But when I ask them if they arise in the morning and first acknowledge the Father and his divine presence within them, the answer is almost always…no…

And when I ask others if they ever thank their angelic assistants they look at me with a blank stare, as if it never ever occurred to them to do so…

It is all well and good to communicate with our heavenly Father, upon retiring, or even praying at various times… But the challenge to live one’s life ever-momentarily in the presence of God…seems to be too much of a mental effort and challenge to attempt…

If your eyes were suddenly opened to spiritually see, who and what is present all around you…what might you see…?

While we have very childlike conceptions about what angelic beings look like, they are, indeed, invisible beings, although not so far removed from us… Many have personalities, just like we do… And they are, regardless, warmly loving and personable…ever trying to communicate to the mortal mind…the messages from our indwelling Thought Adjusters and those universe broadcasts which are constantly arriving over the universe intelligence and reflectivity circuits…


Why do You Feel...Lonely... You are Never Alone...10

Artist Jeff Haworth’s conception of a Quasi-material Being…
Cherubim and sanobim are by nature very near the morontia level of existence, and they prove to be most efficient in the borderland work of the physical, morontial, and spiritual domains … Every fourth cherubim and every fourth sanobim are quasi-material, very definitely resembling the morontia level of existence. 


To feel lonely or to feel surrounded with love from those angelic beings ever near to us…and divinely loved by our Paradise Father’s indwelling spirit…is a choice…

I choose to know that I am loved beyond anything I can comprehend or presently imagine…

The mind is, indeed, the bridge between mortal consciousness and the mid-mind—the superconscious morontia soul-mind…

And if you practice at living in the presence of our Paradise Father’s indwelling divine presence…sooner or later…matter begins to feel less solid…more fluid and flowing…and the invisible becomes more and more real to us…the spirit-beings and higher order spirit-presences, as well as the highest spiritual presence outside of us…the Creator Son’s Spirit of Truth…all become more and more real to us…

We literally live, move and have our being in the Universal Mind of the Infinite Spirit and our Paradise Father’s Perfect Love Made Manifest in the Eternal Word Spirit of the Eternal Son…

It is my goal to live ever-momentarily in growing awareness, thankfulness and open verbal and silent communication, the wisdom-knowingness of the fully conscious soul, with the divine spirit within me and the spirit-beings and spirit-presences surrounding and bathing me in their pure spirit-light love-embrace…

How about you, my friends…? What do you choose…?


Why do You Feel...Lonely... You are Never Alone...11


(435.7) 39:4.14 The keys of the kingdom of heaven are: sincerity, more sincerity, and more sincerity. All men have these keys. Men use them — advance in spirit status — by decisions, by more decisions, and by more decisions. The highest moral choice is the choice of the highest possible value, and always — in any sphere, in all of them — this is to choose to do the will of God. If man thus chooses, he is great, though he be the humblest citizen of Jerusem or even the least of mortals on Urantia.


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