The Three Prostitutes

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June 7, 2014 by Thought Controller

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The Three Prostitutes

(A Story of Personal Choices and Choosing the Path Less Taken..)

(Written June 7th, 2014)



the path less taken


…Love all men as I have loved you; serve your fellow mortals as I have served you. Freely you have received, freely give.  –The Urantia Book, Paper 193, Final Appearances and Ascension

…if you will sincerely run the race of time and gain the final goal of faith, the reward of the ages shall be yours; you will be eternally united with your indwelling Adjuster. Then will begin your real life, the ascending life, to which your present mortal state is but the vestibule. Then will begin your exalted and progressive mission as finaliters in the eternity which stretches out before you. And throughout all of these successive ages and stages of evolutionary growth, there is one part of your that remains absolutely unaltered, and that is personality—permanence in the presence of change. –The Urantia Book, Paper 112, (1225.1) 112.0.1… 

Once upon a time…

Perhaps the title of this story should be…

(*All pictures used herein are for portrayal and fictional, not reflecting upon any persons actual, living or deceased…)

Brother_Can_you_Spare_a_DimeThere lived a young man, who met a young woman, had children and lost everything by giving it all up in a divorce, and in support of his children…
When all was said and done…he had one dime to his name.

He tried to leave his city and start a new life on an islasmather-s-beachnd by the sea. And once he arrived there, he well understood he could not remain. He would leave these idyllic white sand beaches and crystal blue sea, returning home…homeless…
Others funded his trip to the island, knowing he needed to get away and try to make sense of it all…

homeless-manUpon his arrival, back to where it all began, he was still clinging to that one dime in his pocket…afraid that if he lost it…it was all over…

By an act of serendipity and the graciousness of an ex-lover, he found temporary lodging in a spare bedroom of her new home, now living with her new lover.

It was a strange and uncomfortable arrangement…
Six months later, as he was nearing the end of living with them, the new lover held a party…

The young man remained in his bedroom, not feeling very sociable.
His ex-lover encouraged him to join them… article-2407051-1B89AC6B000005DC-636_634x409
He drank a glass of wine, partaking of some potent smoke, and began to feel ill…

Going to the restroom, he looked at himself in the mirror, and promptly passed out, dropping to the floor…

When he regained consciousness…he rejoined the party to find there were only three women remaining, sitting together, and alone on the sofa…


The young man immediately knew they were three prostitutes…

So he asked them for their names…

They gave him the fictitious names of Alice, Mary and Katie. He gave them his real name…

They then told him they had been invited by the man of the house who had been their client in the past…

Michael, Red, as he was known to his friends, had hired them for the night to entertain him…

The lights came on… and the young man knew he was faced with a choice he had not anticipated having to make…

The young man had not had sex with any woman, since his divorce a year earlier…
And he was as horny as a two year old pup…

And then the strangest experience of his life began…

He informed them that while he indeed found them beautiful, he was not interested in having sex with them.

Upon hearing such a strange thing, they motioned to each other, as though preparing to leave…

The young man asked them to stay awhile, and sit in a circleEveryone here has issues on the floor with him. And they did so…

He then asked each of them to tell him their stories of how they came to engage in sex for hire…

And they did so…

Next, he asked them if they had ever heard of the concept that a spirit-fragment of the God of the Universe of universes indwells the mind of each of his children…

Painting by John Byron – Paradise & Havona System of One Billion Perfect Worlds and Created Perfect Beings

And they asked him if he was a church member or in a cult…
The young man told them that the wisdom, which had so freely been given to him, was not part of any organized religion or cult…
He would, however, freely share what he knew with them, if they were interested in knowing more…

Drawing by John Byron – The 1st Epochal Revelation

From that point forward, each of these young women plied him with question after question, to which he patiently responded. He share with the three of them the meaning of the past history of the human races, where we are going…as a young and tainted civilization with a, as yet unrecognized, bright and glorious future…

Painting by John Byron – Journey to Paradise

He helped them see into the spirit realities within them and imparted insights into the spiritual realities of the spiritual universes…

The young man revealed unto them the fact of the Personhood of the Paradise Father…

And as a Person, this perfectly loving Father is at one and the same time, both the farthest removed and closest to them…

He further revealed to them the fact of this Father-God’s perfect and non-judgmental love for each of them…

Painting by John Byron – The Paradise-Havona System

And they broke down and cried…

It was now 12 hours later…and 12 noon of the next day…

These 3 beautiful souls had literally drained everything from him he could possibly say to satiate their hunger and thirst for the truth…

And so they said good-bye, in loving embrace with the young man, each knowing their lives…were…forever changed…

And so was the life of the young man named Tim…forever changed…

For each of them had a spiritual encounter with the Paradise Father who was sitting in the room with them…speaking to each of their…hearts and minds…and became for each of them, during that 12 hour conversation…the one True Friend, the one True Reality, each of them came to know—the most perfectly loving, most non-judgmental and most caring Person in the whole of…human experience…

3. The Woman Taken in Adultery 

(1792.5) 162:3.1 It was during this visit to Jerusalem that Jesus dealt with a certain woman of evil repute who was brought into his presence by her accusers and his enemies. The distorted record you have of this episode would suggest that this woman had been brought before Jesus by the scribes and Pharisees, and that Jesus so dealt with them as to indicate that these religious leaders of the Jews might themselves have been guilty of immorality. Jesus well knew that, while these scribes and Pharisees were spiritually blind and intellectually prejudiced by their loyalty to tradition, they were to be numbered among the most thoroughly moral men of that day and generation.

(1793.1) 162:3.2 What really happened was this: Early the third morning of the feast, as Jesus approached the temple, he was met by a group of the hired agents of the Sanhedrin who were dragging a woman along with them. As they came near, the spokesman said: “Master, this woman was taken in adultery — in the very act. Now, the law of Moses commands that we should stone such a woman. What do you say should be done with her?”

(1793.2) 162:3.3 It was the plan of Jesus’ enemies, if he upheld the law of Moses requiring that the self-confessed transgressor be stoned, to involve him in difficulty with the Roman rulers, who had denied the Jews the right to inflict the death penalty without the approval of a Roman tribunal. If he forbade stoning the woman, they would accuse him before the Sanhedrin of setting himself up above Moses and the Jewish law. If he remained silent, they would accuse him of cowardice. But the Master so managed the situation that the whole plot fell to pieces of its own sordid weight.

(1793.3) 162:3.4 This woman, once comely, was the wife of an inferior citizen of Nazareth, a man who had been a troublemaker for Jesus throughout his youthful days. The man, having married this woman, did most shamefully force her to earn their living by making commerce of her body. He had come up to the feast at Jerusalem that his wife might thus prostitute her physical charms for financial gain. He had entered into a bargain with the hirelings of the Jewish rulers thus to betray his own wife in her commercialized vice. And so they came with the woman and her companion in transgression for the purpose of ensnaring Jesus into making some statement which could be used against him in case of his arrest.

(1793.4) 162:3.5 Jesus, looking over the crowd, saw her husband standing behind the others. He knew what sort of man he was and perceived that he was a party to the despicable transaction. Jesus first walked around to near where this degenerate husband stood and wrote upon the sand a few words which caused him to depart in haste. Then he came back before the woman and wrote again upon the ground for the benefit of her would-be accusers; and when they read his words, they, too, went away, one by one. And when the Master had written in the sand the third time, the woman’s companion in evil took his departure, so that, when the Master raised himself up from this writing, he beheld the woman standing alone before him. Jesus said: “Woman, where are your accusers? did no man remain to stone you?” And the woman, lifting up her eyes, answered, “No man, Lord.” And then said Jesus: “I know about you; neither do I condemn you. Go your way in peace.” And this woman, Hildana, forsook her wicked husband and joined herself to the disciples of the kingdom.

The Urantia Book, Paper 162, At the Feast of Tabernacles







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