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January 23, 2014 by Thought Controller

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(Written in 2000)

As the revered Teacher Orosami
looked deep into my eyes…
I felt him scanning me…
scanning for self-mastery that belies
the windows of no disguise…

I began to reveal to Teacher Orosami, a recently recurring dream, in which I hover bodiless, upon the rocky ground, by an inland sea-let, fed by many waters…

My mind begins to shoot forth neural tentacles, down around the rocks and into the crevices, tapping deep into the fertile soil, below. I feel the damp cold, quickly devolving into water-soaked earth, amidst the surging of spring-fed waters…

Through the mind’s eye, I grow, inward and upward, stretching and pushing neural tentacles toward the light, which flows downward, into me, and outward through me, like waves of falling waters…

I am an organizing network of electro-magnetic energies, pushing ever higher toward the glow… Then the growing stops just short of entering the nuclear center of the light waves of spirit-truth, which fall upon me, like crystal clear waters…

When suddenly…a voice–like the voice of God–endlessly deep and echoing, commands:

“WillOak! Will you stand eternal and unmoving in the presence of the shadow of a hair’s turning?”

The voice seems to roll on forever…like the perpetual ocean waves, rushing toward me, fulfilling their destination, as shoreline waters…

My neural branches are supple, like the willow–constantly shifting in the direction of the nuclear light-center; I observe my neural network, below–unmoving, like the trunk of a mighty oak, planted by the life-giving waters… 


Suddenly, do my neural branches retract; I am lifted high above the earth… In a brilliant flash of light, my organic form is obliterated. Without loss of identity, I am one with the nuclear light-center, within me…



As Teacher Orosami withdrew 
his scanning eyes from mine…
my soul-form re-engaged my conscious view…
with raised arms, he drew Infinity’s Eye…
in powerful voice, he declared, “This, I find…

My Paradise Father…behold your mortal child, in whom there is neither guile, nor the shadow of a hair’s turning… Now, my child–are you ready for the next translation ceremonies, soon to be held, once again, in the Temple dedicated to the worship of our Eternal and loving Father…”

And now, have I faithfully concluded this chronicling, August 1st, 10,097, in the Year of Our Lord, A.D., of my sitting, as student and disciple, at the feet of our beloved Teacher Orosami, who came to us, without beginning or ending of days. In the Year of Our Lord, 10,002 A.D., did he suddenly appear, now taking sudden leave of us, in the Temple dedicated to the worship-insight of the First Father. 

I leave you this, my lifetime collection of poetic vignettes, that your children and your children’s children, even every child with whom you may choose to share these chronicles, may, thereby, receive great encouragement and spiritual edification.

I have already taken leave of you, on August 23rd, 10,097, as you witnessed my translation, in the Temple of the Universe Father. May you achieve that blessed state of increasing faith and loyalty, wherein worship-insight and wisdom flower into relative human perfection. And soon…you will join me on those planets of spiritual light and life, as my onetime earth children and fellow mortal associates.

My love, you have always and forever…

Your Father in life and light,
devoted student and disciple of Orosami,
beloved Teacher.

Andonis C.

In the Year of our Lord, 10,097 A.D.
Age 497


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